During the same time periods, respectively. Figure 3. 3: non-hodgkin lymphoma (c82-c85), age-standardised five-year relative survival rates, england and wales 1971-1995, england 1996-2009 download this chart xls (56kb) *survival rates are for england only from 1996 onwards ten-year relative survival rates for men diagnosed with non-hodgkin lymphoma increased from 26% in england and wales during 1971-1975 to a predicted** 53% in england in 2007 (figure 3. 4). 10 in women, ten-year relative survival rates increased from 26% to a predicted** 54. 1% during the same time periods, respectively. Figure 3. 4: non-hodgkin lymphoma (c82-c85), age-standardised ten-year relative survival rates, england and wales 1971-1995 and predicted 2007, england 1996-2003 download this chart xls (56kb) *survival rates are not age-standardised from 1971-1985  **ten-year survival rates have been predicted for patients diagnosed in 2007 (using the hybrid approach) section updated 20/06/12 back to top   in europe the most recent five-year survival data for 1995-1999 show england is slightly below the average for europe (55%). Scotland, wales and northern ireland were also lower than the european average. 11 across the european countries, five-year survival rates range from 44% to 63%. However, as with international incidence estimates, differing data collection practices throughout europe may contribute to the ranking of individual countries. Section updated 20/06/12 back to top   share this: tweet print this page  email this page send to email address your name your email address evaluate the following expression to continue: =      cancel no error visit our a-z topic pages non-hodgkin's lymphoma survival   references for non-hodgkin lymphoma survival 2005-2009 office for national statistics (ons). Statistical bulletin: cancer survival in england: patients diagnosed 2005-2009 and followed up to 2010 2011 2007 coleman. M. cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online buy generic viagra best price for generic viagra cheap viagra cheap generic viagra generic viagra online http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-cheap-viagra-no-prescription-sy/ P et al research commissioned by cancer research uk, london school of hygiene and tropical medicine 2010 welsh cancer intelligence and surveillance unit cancer survival trends in wales 1985-2004 isd statistical publication notice isd scotland cancer statistics accessed 2011 northern ireland cancer registry cancer survival online statistics accessed 2011 department of health improving outcomes: a strategy for cancer accessed 2011 1996-2003 rachet, b. , et al. Population-based cancer survival trends in england and wales up to 2007 age-standardised figures were provided by the author on request. Lancet oncology, 2009. 10: p. 351-69 1971-1990 coleman, m. P, et al. Cancer survival trends in england and wales, 1971-1995: deprivati.

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